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Logo Creation

Looking to establish your business? A great place to start is with the design of your company logo. This will provide you with a memorable visual representation of you and your company.


There are a few different types of logo designs to consider. Your logo can be a simple font that spells your company's name, or if can include an icon or symbol that uniquely represents your business. Whichever style you choose, I will work with you to develop and outline your logo specifications including logo symbol ideas, font styles, colors and more. During the design process I will present you with several logo design concepts and will provide you with revisions until you are 100% satisfied. Once the logo is finalized and the project is over, I will provide you with the original logo file along with several other file formats that are commonly used for electronic and print materials.

You do not have to be a brand new business to benefit from my logo design services. As businesses and industries evolve, logos do as well and it's an important part of marketing to rethink your brand and logo design to stay relevant.

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