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Social Media Marketing

We are ready to captivate your target audience! Having a social media presence will boost your visibility to potential customers and clients and establishing a way to communicate and meet your current customers needs.

Let's grow your social media presence! This is available for any industry.

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Build Your Social Media Package

All social media packages include:

  • A one-time $199 start-up charge

  • Feed posts - 22 per month

  • Engaging daily story posts

  • Industry-leading competitive analysis

  • Quarterly content calendar

  • Monthly feedback sessions

  • Detailed monthly report

The newsletter includes a monthly subscription to Constant Contact and a 300-500 word Blog post pertaining to your business/industry sprinkled with SEO content.

Manage 1 Platform

Manage 2 Platforms

Choose a package

Manage 3 Platforms

Weekly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

Add a Newsletter

Looking for something different to fit
your business needs - Reach Out!

*All Social Media Packages and Newsletters are billed monthly. You may cancel at any time.

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